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Our programme has a double bill: 

Research and Conservation


Issues related to marine turtles: 

Moheli and Comoros in general are very poor and eating meet is an extra bonus on the daily diet. It is expensive as well for the people as much as £2 per kilos and that is much more than what people earn in a day. Turtles are easy prey when coming to lay eggs and a mature turtle represent 30-60 kilos of fresh meet. In addition, at it disadvantage, turtles have the reputation of tasting very good and a to provide a legendary aphrodisiac power. One hunted turtle is reselling for £60-120 which is maybe 2-3 months salary.As well as the meat, poacher are taking the eggs of the kill plus any other nests around... leaving very little chance for population to sustain. 

What we will you do as a volunteer? 


Turtle nesting activity:

  • Localisation of the nests on beaches

  • Species identification

  • Nesting activity rate per beach

  • Hatching success

  • Human impacts evaluation

  • Tagging , photo-ID 

green turtle itsamia Comoros
baby green turtle Comoros
turtle map.jpg
Hawksbill Turtle Moidjio
Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 01.33.04.png
portraits tortues.png

Green turtle, Itsamia, Comoros 2016

Hatchling green, Wanefou, Comoros 2016

Nesting beach, Moheli, Comoros

Photo-ID Hawksbill turtle, Moidjio, Comoros 2009

Nest investigation, M'Tsanga Nyamba,Comoros 2016

ID card for nesting Turtles, Comoros 


Sea-grass meadows,feeding area: 

  • Localisation of sea-grass meadows around the island.. 

  • Composition analysis, identification of species and settlement study, substrates.   

  • Healthiness, algae invasion and general state of the meadow and plants. 

  • Fauna identification,  link between species requirement and biotopes, find bio-indicators

  • Turtle photo-identification, using underwater video camera 

Eggs count, Droude, Comoros 2015

"On Comoros it is approximatively 1000 turtles that are eaten every year and that an optimistic estimation, we think that it is 3X this amount. Turtles area protected by national and international laws and the marine park of Moheli is supposed to be a sanctuary for them. But again money is lacking and patrol aren't possible".   

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