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Comoros Culture & Tradition

The mask of beauty

Used by Women for beauty purposes, masks are made of scented plants and flowers, crunched with a piece of coral on a volcanic rock. This mask is a traditional make-up with some hydrating  and UV protection properties.

The perfume islands

mo3 (61).jpg
Ylang-ylang, vanilla, cloves, coconut, cocoa, coffee, mangoes, papaya and so many more led to the nickname 'the perfume islands'. At night time, walking around the field, the aromas fill your senses. Vanilla is an Orchid. Comoros prodious is the best variety in the world  

The Devel drumers of Moidjio

Moidjio beach was a meeting place for the devels. They came to Moidjio and played drums that could be heard from Nioumachoua and Nondroni. At the time diseases and unfortune were important in the area. A powerfull Marabu went to Moidjio and vanquished the devels and transfomed their drums on rocks so malediciton were gone.  The drums are still present around Moidjio and are sacred.

"Moringier" veya Comorian Box.

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Fights on Comoros are very, very rare and discussions are the best way to solve arguments. Nevertheless, villages organise box rounds to calm tensions between people. During a Moringier, 2 groups of men are dancing in front of each other and one guy of one group ask another guy from the opponent group to come. Fighters have to be of similar size and might have disagreements, they dance and suddenly punch each other for less than a minute and are separated by the jury.  

The islands of the Moon

The Comoro Islands or Comoros  Africa, to the east of Mozambique and north-west of Madagascar. The islet of Banc du Geyser and the Glorioso Islands are part of the archipelago. The islands are politically divided between Union of the Comoros and two territories of France : the region of Mayotte and the Glorioso Islands, a part of the Scattered Islands in the Indian Ocean, the 5th district of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.


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Ylang-ylang distillery, Comoros prodious an excellent natural essence.

 The Pygmys of Nioumachoua

Ancient human settlement ruines, around Nioumachoua are 800 years old. These ruines made of coral and rocks are in the jungle on a site called Shouani. Number of people believe that this acient human settlement was build up by Pygmys and explain the height of their decendents, the Mohelian.

Bull's Tamtam

This is an old Comorian tradition often practiced to announce a wedding. The Bull is exposed to intensive drumming for several hours then set free among the people. The bravest will dance around the furious Bull and get as close as possible.

The traditional "Banga"

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The traditional Banga is a mud or coconut-leaf house. Huts are normally small- made by the boy of the house that want some independance from his family. Often painted with fun: here we have the "white house".... 
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