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Our great past projects 

Moidjio C.R.C.A.D. is becoming international with multiple projects around the world, working with world class specialists from many countries. Our aim is to give hand to conservation projects for the benefit of local biodiversity and communities. 


Montenegro marine mammal and sea turtles monitoring 

Moidjio C.R.C.A.D. in collaboration with the National history Association of Montenegro, has performed 2 offshore surveys to assess the impact of seismic surveys in Montenegro waters. Our surveys were the first of their kind in Montenegro and the data collected are of great help to understand the distribution of Marine mammals and sea turtles in Montenegro's waters. 

Species encountered: Cuvier Beaked whales, Risso's dolphins, Stripped dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins and loggerhead turltes. 

Violi et al. poster.jpg

Regional humpback whales cultural songs transmission (Indian Ocean) 


Moidjio C.R.C.A.D. is really happy to inform you that it is involved in another great project: " Regional analysis of 2018 humpback whale songs". 5 NGOs, 5 simultaneous recording of Humpback whales songs around Madagascar. Cetamada (St Marie, Madagascar), Love the Ocean (Mozambique), Abyss (Reunion), Watamu Marine Association (Kenya) et Moidjio CRCAD (Comoros). The project is organised by Olivier Adams of the CNRS of PARIS. Songs of the whales will be collected by PhD student Biagio Violi from Genoa University, Italy and Benjamin Wambergue, Moidjio CRCAD all along the humpback season from the 28th of July to end of October.

The Giant guardians of the deep seas 

Moidjio CRCAD is becoming international with it participation in marine mammal survey in the East Mediterranean sea. We are organising visual and acoustic surveys in partnership with DMAD (Marine mammal research association) within the area of interest with spermwhales and beaked whales as target species. Come and join ! Vanishing point and WWF are sponsors of the expeditions. 

Moidjio campagne 2018.jpg
Marine Mammals courses

Moidjio C.R.C.A.D. (Centre for Research Conservation and Devolpment) is happy to announce the upcoming cetacean research training in the Comoros Island, Indian Ocean. The training is going to take place between 15th September 2018 and 15th October 2018.
Joining our team of international researchers is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain important scientific, analysing and conservation skills in the marine mammal research field.


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