Mwali island 

Moidjio Beach 


Moidjio is the name of the beach that shelters our adventures since 2009. It is ideally situated in the middle of the Marine Park of Moheli, at just about 2km from Nioumachoua village with a dream view of the virgin islets. This Land was acquired for the purpose of it conservation. Indeed Moidjio is welcoming a variety of iconic creatures such as the lemurs, giant bats, little duke of Moheli, Gekos, marine turtles, tropical birds and a baobab tree. Moidjio was used as a coconut plantation in the colonial time and then used as banana plantation. Moidjio is a sacred area and must be respected in this matter. It is a 300m sandy beach with a fine grain and copper colour. The land is densely occupied by trees and shrubs and is virgin of buildings.  

Nioumachoua village 

Nioumachoua village, Comoros 2016

N'Gaziga island 

Chindini village, Comoros 2018

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