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Team Moidjio C.R.C.A.D.

A team of local and international experts for a great conservation effort in Comoros. A first of its kind. Our Staff and professionals are always here to welcome and help you. 
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Benjamin Wambergue 
Director of scientific expeditions for Moidjio C.R.C.A.D.


Interest: General ecology, acoustic and behavioural studies, environmental education, environmental impacts, photography, marine ecology, marine mammals and turtles.  


Graduation: Master's of Research in Ecology and environmental sustainability, BSc in environmental science, D.U.T in environmental genius.


Trained in: Marine mammal research (Seiche Ltd, Moidjio CRCAD, Stockholm University, Aberdeen University), marine turtles research ( Moidjio CRCAD, Kelonia and IFREMER Reunion Island), bio-acoustic (Seiche Ltd and Aberdeen university), Marine mammal trainer (ACCOBAMS/Menkab), Marine mammal medic (BDLMR), stranding officer (Wildlife trust Cornwall), MMO (Marine mammal Observer, JNCC, BOEM, ACCOBAMS, IBAMA, IFREMER), PAM operator (Passive acoustic monitoring), onboard scientists (SINAY), identification of cetaceans and fish, taxonomy (IFREMER, CRMM, Museum of natural history of Concarneau), Security at sea (STWC95, BOSIET, FOET, CA-EPS), biopsy and samples on marine mammals, fish and sharks (Oceanopolis, Brest), tagging of sea turtles and fish (IFREMER), scientific transects (Moidjio CRCAD, Aberdeen University and Oceanopolis Brest), scientific photography for photo-ID for marine mammals, sea turtles, lemurs and manta ray, marine mammal stranding management (BDLMR), boat handler (permis mer and BDLMR training), diving, and free diving. 


Role in the Charity: expedition leader, data collection and analysis, charity management.   

Amina Ibouroi
Conservation officer and expedition leader for Moidjio CRCAD
Interest: Amina is a passionated conservationist and an exemple to follow, Amina has been with Moidjio CRCAD since the creation of our structure and has followed all appropriate training for the monitoring of wild life, marine mammals and turtles. Her interest is the conservation and the communication and implication of local people to protect her paradise. Amina is currently working on a regional program to monitor Humpback whales sounds transmission culture around Madagascar. 
Role in Charity: Conservation officer and expedition leader. 
President and founder of Environmental association of Chindini
Interest: Iddi is a nature and humanity lover. His implication in the community of Chindini is great and he is recognised as a wise man. His status of Notable and his extreme kindness, make him the perfect president of our partner organisation
Role in Charity: Conservation officer, volunteer care. 
Elhadjid Moissi
Conservationist Trainee. 


Interest: Elhajid is one of our field trainees; he is also one of the founders of Chindini Environment. He is keen to work and helpout in any aspect of the project. We are teaching him skills and the English language, in order for him to lead expeditions in the near future.

Role in Charity: Future ecologist, conservationist. 

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Kader Attoumani


Boat Pilot, mechanics, Whale spotter.   


Interests: Kader join our team this year for trial and Kader is one of it kind. A brilliant boat driver who knows his water and its diversity. As all Chindini pilot he is born with the waves and mechanic has no secret for him. Kader has refitted and revised both our outboard engines. Kader has always an eye on the sea and he is most of the time the first spotter. His knowledge of the seas, whales, dolphins and birds makes the surveys really enjoyable. In addition to that, Kader is top man that discovered our work and is now deeply involved in conservation efforts in Comoros. 


Profession: Boat pilot . 


Role in the charity: boat driver, mechanics, Whale spotter .

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Millie Coleing


M.Sc in biodiversity and conservation, 


Interests: Millie is an ecologist dedicated to conservation of species and ecosystems with 3 years experience in the field. Millie has worked on numerous international projects in UK, Africa and New Zealand. Millie has worked on the creation of Asian elephants social networks with Chester Zoo, report on the biodiversity assessment of a RAMSAR site in Cape Verde, survey of possums  in NZ and on the distribution and behaviour of bottlenose dolphins in NZ. 


Profession: Consultant Ecologist. 

Formation : Masters in conservation and biodiversity, BSc in animal behaviour.


Role in the charity: leader, expedition organiser, data collection and analyses.

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