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Moidjio C.R.C.A.D. (Center for Research, Conservation and Development Assistance) is a non-profit Comorian and French association created in 2008. One of Moidjio's objectives is to draw up an inventory of marine mammal species in the Mohéli Marine Park area. and Coelacanth (Greater Comoros). Moidjio organizes annual and punctual expeditions (between August and October) in these two zones and presents, with this document, a first report to the Comorian authorities, in this case the Coelacanth Marine Park, partner of our projects since this year 2018. Moidjio presents 6 species of whales and 10 species of dolphins evolving in the area concerned. This list grows from year to year as surveys progress and represents only 2 months per year of exploration with very limited means. It should be noted that other species recorded around the Comoros by other organizations have not yet been observed by Moidjio CRCAD eg: Sperm Whale (Physter Macrocephalus) (except stranding in March 2018), Longman's whale (Mesoplodon pacificus),  Blue whale (Balaneoptera muculus), Dugong (Dugon dugong).
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